About us

Viandante is a Finnish-owned destination management company in Madrid.

Years of experience in the travel business, thorough knowledge of the localities, and our unique, tailored travel packages make us the superior partner for all your travel arrangements in Spain, Portugal, and France.

“We view every journey as unique.”

We are the unequalled partner and expert among travel agencies operating in travel to Spain, Portugal, and France. We view every journey as unique, and we plan and implement it according to your requests from beginning to end. We are devoted and professional and aim to please and serve both groups and individuals.

Whether you are travelling on business or on holiday, we want to make your trip unforgettable and as enjoyable as possible.

We take pride in providing—in addition to the old and beloved routes and sights—something new and different for all groups and individuals. Our customers have thanked us for our unique ideas and excellent tour guide services: we aim to please and serve.


  • 1. Our thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the localities
  • 2. Our customer-oriented and innovative services
  • 3. Our excellent tour guide services and vast contact networks
  • 4. The highest standards of safety, which we always maintain
  • 5. Our eco-friendly and sustainable philosophy

Established in 2005, Viandante has years of experience and thorough, up-to-date knowledge of the localities in Spain, Portugal, and France.

We believe and invest in safety, eco-friendliness, and sustainability of travel in all our operations. Viandante addresses the needs of both the traveller and the destination and treats the local population, culture, and environment with the utmost respect.

The core idea of all our operations is displayed by the name ‘Viandante’ we like to take our guests to places that bus tours skip, to experience the unique cultures and customs of the different regions in Spain, France, and Portugal.

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