Culture and Art

For lovers of art and culture, France, Spain, and Portugal are boundless treasuries offering a feast for the senses and unforgettable moments with the locals.

We at Viandante know exactly where and how to find these feasts and moments!

“Roughly 100 World Heritage Sites are located in these three countries.”

The sheer number of sights in this area is bewildering: for example, roughly 100 World Heritage Sites are located in these three countries. Renowned art museums, magnificent old churches, cloisters, and palaces abound in both big cities and smaller towns. Some of them are excellently preserved and filled with beautiful ancient architecture—not to forget contemporary art and architecture.

What would inspire you and your clients the most? Perhaps not any of the sights at all, but, for example, music: a concert in a magnificent old opera house, a night with emotional Portuguese fado, or spirited and rhythmical Spanish flamenco.

We at Viandante like to think that getting to know the local customs and traditions can be enormously rewarding. Come and join us to learn about the local traditions and enjoy, for example, a cheerful village feast. Our friends in Spain, France, and Portugal are already waiting for you!

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