Food and Wine

In Spain, France, and Portugal, every day is a feast of food and wine! The locals are proud and passionate about gastronomy and love to sit down and enjoy a delicious meal with their friends and relatives.

Each of the three countries has its strengths, traditions, and specialties, but regional differences within a country can be notable. Where would you like to travel next to have a taste of the local delicacies and traditions?

“Food and wine can be the focus of your travel or an appetizing sidetrack.”

Food and wine can be the focus of your travel or an appetizing sidetrack. Viandante can take you to abundant farmers’ markets and tiny delis, to the locals’ favourite corner restaurants and trendy cafés - or to take a peek at their kitchens! Or would you perhaps like to be the master chef of your own life?

Wine is obviously the number one drink in France and Spain, two of the world’s largest wine producers, but Portugal is not far behind. Bordeaux in France is the home of very high-end wines, and Champagne, naturally, is the place to go for champagne. The most famous red wine area in Spain is Rioja, and Catalonia is the cradle of cava. Madeira and port wines are Portugal’s forte. All three countries abound with wine cellars and vineyards, big and small, some well-known and popular, others kept strictly secret by the locals. Which of them would you like to visit?

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