The Atlantic Ocean gives Portugal its character.

The ocean’s scent reaches Lisbon’s seafront; its large, swelling waves roll steadily towards the sandy shores of Southern Portugal, and it yields great seafood delicacies, which traditionally find their place on the dinner table.

“Neat green hiking paths run across incredible landscapes.”

The Atlantic Ocean also secludes the enchanting islands of Portugal, Madeira and the Azores: their green, subtropical nature appears wild and exotic compared with the Continental landscapes. The islands with their gardens, caves, and whale-watching tours provide unique experiences for the nature lover. Neat green hiking paths run across incredible landscapes.

Portugal’s history is fascinating. One of the best places for the history lover is friendly Lisbon, where the most splendid buildings date back to the Age of Discovery. The city invites you to explore a variety of unique districts, traditional cafés, and fado bars, not to forget the surrounding country with, for example, the fabulous palaces of Sintra.

Inland Portugal presents charming little towns surrounded by ancient walls. And do not forget the enchanting Porto: here the past is present in the patina of the ancient buildings and old-time retail shops. By the river, attractive wine cellars invite you to enjoy a glass of port, the local traditional wine brand.

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